Data Science Suite24/7 managed full-stack data science platform in the cloud packed with all the
necessary tools and infrastructure to kickstart your Data Science practice.

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Data Science Kickstarter

Data Science Suite is a continuously managed full-stack cloud platform packed with all the necessary tools and infrastructure you need to kickstart your Data Science practice.

Its complete, pre-configured set-up winningly enables data scientists to quickly develop a proof of concept (Sandbox) and productionize Data Science models. Data Science Suite is implemented by GoDataDriven and Xpirit, and supported by Microsoft Azure and Cloudera, Data Science Suite’s state-of-art technology and infrastructure includes Cloudera, iPython, R, and Azure.

Become productive fast

Setting up and managing a Big Data infrastructure can be daunting.

With Data Science Suite, there’s no need to understand and configure the tools and infrastructure yourself. It’s the ideal solution for organizations that don’t have a team of engineers and are looking for a managed workbench for their data scientists to become productive fast.

Fully configured stack

Data Science Suite comes with a completely configured stack that includes R/RStudio, Python/Pandas, and IPython/Jupyter. The platform is easily extendible, with an Azure infrastructure and Cloudera platform that guarantee scalability and high performance.

In collaboration with your Data Science team, we determine your Data Science Suite configuration before deployment. The setup takes about two weeks to install, configure, document, and transfer the tools to the GoDataDriven managed service team.


“Microsoft has made extensive engineering investments to make Linux and open source software a first class citizen on our Azure Cloud Platform. Our partners, GoDataDriven and Xpirit, allow us to provide our customers with the widest choice of technology and deployment options to empower them on their journey to the cloud.”

Mark Hill
Vice President
Open Source Sales & Marketing

“Cloudera Enterprise is quickly becoming the platform of choice for companies that want to capture and run analytics on data in the cloud. Data Science Suite is a Data Science solution tailored to the requirements of Data Science teams."

Tim Stevens
Vice President, Business and Corporate Development


One-Stop Shop

Administration, maintenance, and support from one supplier. We take care of all the vendor licenses.

Peace of Mind

Our skilled engineers set up and manage the entire platform so you can focus on your business.

Quick Deployment

We have years of experience with Azure and Data Science and can have you up and running in a matter of days.

No Large, Upfront Investments

You pay a fixed monthly subscription fee, and we take care of the licenses. The monthly cost includes setup, monitoring, support, and updates. Plus, you only pay for the processing power you use.

Continuous Availability

The support team is on standby around-the-clock.

Always Up-to-Date

All software is monitored and updated as soon as newer releases are available.

Security and Privacy

The support team can access the infrastructure and platform, but not your data. Data Science Suite comes with a completely configured stack that includes R/RStudio, Python/Pandas, and IPython/Jupyter. The platform is easily extendible with an Azure infrastructure that guarantees scalability and high performance.

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Data Sciene Suite is powered by GoDataDriven and Xpirit

About GoDataDriven


GoDataDriven's experienced data engineers and business-savvy data scientists combines cutting-edge Big Data and machine learning technologies to develop custom data solutions and predictive models that transition organizations into a DataDriven enterprise. Clients include, Wehkamp, eBay, Schiphol, ING, Rabobank, Bakkersland, and NPO.

About Xpirit


Xpirit are the experts in new Microsoft IT. Xpirit is a group of the leading IT specialists in Microsoft Application Lifecycle Management, Azure Cloud, and Enterprise Mobility. At Xpirit we employ the best people in the industry. We are a proven authority in new Microsoft IT. This is backed by the fact that over half of our employees have been awarded titles like Most Valuable Professional (MVP) and Microsoft Regional Director.

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